Wastewater Applications

Septic With a Liner

Bold & Gold® Septic media within a liner is placed in a drainfield to reduce nutrients. This is a true Passive Onsite Treatment System (P.O.T.S.) patented by Plastic Tubing Industries, Inc . The Bold & Gold® (B&G) is installed under a distribution pipe in place of the native soil and the effluent passes through the media and then to the native soil under the drainfield. For further information regarding the system, please contact ECS. Please click here for published supporting data for nutrient removal.

Septic Without a Liner

Bold & Gold® Septic media without a liner can be used in onsite wastewater applications where a media is used to reduce nutrients in wastewater effluent. The media must remain moist for a specified amount of time.

Subsurface Upflow Wetland®

Bold & Gold® wetland media is used in a Subsurface Upflow Wetland® to support plant growth and remove nutrients from the wastewater. The B&G utilizes a combination of growth media and pollution control media to remove nutrients from septic tank effluent and allows healthy plant growth. The Subfurface Upflow Wetland® (SUW) is a constructed wetland developed at the University of Central Florida. Supporting data for nutrient removal is included in the link above and can also be found by clicking the following links.

Rapid Infiltration Basin System (RIBS)

Bold & Gold® Rapid Infiltration Basin Media (RIBM) is installed at the bottom of the Rapid Infiltration Basin System to enhance nutrient removal. The B&G media replaces native soil at a specified depth during the construction process. This is an extended application of the same B&G media that are used in the bottom of stormwater drainage retention basins. Please click here for published supporting data for nutrient removal.