Retention Basins, Swales and Rain Gardens

Bold & Gold® CTS media is used with these BMP’s by installing the media at the bottom of the basin.  The Bold & Gold® (B&G) is covered with native soil and native landscaping or grass may be installed as normal. 

PIPE-R™ Exfiltration System

Bold & Gold® PIPE-R Exfiltration is used in combination with Plastic Tubing Industries’ underground storage and reuse reservoir.  B&G is installed under the system.  Water passes through the media as it exits the PIPE-R system and then enters the surrounding soils.  Maximize land use and save water by using this system to replace standard detention and retention systems.   

Suntree Nutrient Separating Baffle Box (NSBB) with Bold & Gold® Media Filtration System

Bold & Gold® Suntree Technologies is the only company in the United States licensed to include Bold & Gold® inside of a vault system for stormwater treatment. Click Here for more information about the Nutrient Separating Baffle Box® and the nitrogen and phosphorus removal efficiencies of the system. 

Urban Gardens and Tree Wells

Bold & Gold® Tree Well is installed below the soil used in the tree well.  B&G is an inert soil substitution and will have no affect on the health of the trees. 

Pervious Pavement

Bold & Gold® Pervious Pavement is installed under pervious concrete or pavers.  The B&G utilized with this BMP has a permeability rate of twelve inches per hour so it will have no affect on the efficiency of the pervious cover.   

Exfiltration Trench

Bold & Gold® Exfiltration Trench is installed under the rock-filled area of the trench. 


Bold & Gold® Greenroof Pollution Control is installed below a specified growth media used in typical applications.  Bold & Gold® Greenroof Growth can be used in combination to provide maximum plant growth with minimum pollution.  Please click here for published supporting data for nutrient removal. 

Side Drains

Bold & Gold® Side Drain surrounds the perforated pipe.  A woven geotextile filter is installed to keep the B&G from entering the perforated pipe. 

Vegetated Filter Strips

Bold & Gold® Vegetated Filter Strips is utilized under the landscaping and soil cover typically used in this BMP.  There are no changes that need to be made to the normal landscaping the B&G.