Nutrient loads are a concern in water pollution control and moving to the forefront of conversation at regulatory and design specification levels. Bold & Gold® is an addition to the BMPs already available and is used to remove nutrients in stormwater, wastewater, and agricultural applications. The media is typically installed by a utility contractor and requires little to no site modification from current construction practices.

The information on the following table will provide engineering design parameters used in the sizing of stormwater, wastewater, and agricultural best management practices to remove nutrients and other pollutants in water.


Engineer Downloads    
Bold & Gold Filtration Media Specifications PDF DWG
CTS Filtration Media   
CTS Garden Filtration Media    
CTS Modified Filtration Media    
CTS Pervious Pavement Filtration Media    
ECT Filtration Media    
ECT3 Filtration Media    
ECT Septic Filtration Media    
Greenroof Pollution Control Filtration Media    
Greenroof Growth Media    
Bold & Gold Typical Cross Sections PDF DWG
Bioretention Cell    
Detention Underdrain Filtration System    
Dry Retention Basin    
Exfiltration Trench    
Pervious Pavement    
Swale with PIPE-RTM Reservoir System    
Tree Well    
Upflow Filter    
Underground Retention System (Dome and Rock)