Bold & Gold (B&G) is a non degrading media which is a soil substitute typically installed on top of the native soil and covered by native soil or landscaping. The installation specifications should be on the engineered drawings provided by the general contractor. B&G is handled like other native soils managed on a typical construction jobsite utilizing a front-end loader or backhoe. A representative from Environmental Conservation Solutions, LLC. will assist with the installation of the B&G.

B&G is composed of a patented blend of mineral materials. B&G can be mixed by offsite or by the contractor onsite. A ECS representative will oversee the mixing process if B&G is mixed onsite to ensure accuracy of the patented blend. If the components are mixed onsite, the process requires a front-end loader that is commonly used on construction jobsites.

There are three delivery options for B&G depending on the installation and mixing application.

          1. When the B&G is mixed onsite, the components will be delivered to
             the jobsite in bulk by a standard dump truck.
         2. When the product is mixed offsite by ECS, the components will be
             delivered in bulk by a standard dump truck.
         3. B&G that will be installed on a roof will be delivered premixed in
             super sack bags.

The material can be stored on the ground like standard fill dirt.  It does not need to be covered and exposure to the elements such as rain will not affect the effectiveness of the product.  Like any soil storage for prolonged periods of time, rain and wind will remove some of the product from the storage area, so additional media may be needed when storage is expected for long exposure times.

MSDS reports are available upon request.


This is an example of B&G being installed in a swale.  The B&G is the lighter color soil.  The B&G was installed at a depth of twelve inches per the engineered drawings.