Bold & Gold® (B&G) pollution control media can be integrated into many stormwater BMPs as part of a treatment train for nutrient removal. Examples are infiltration basins, swales, regional retention basins, rain gardens, up-flow filters, modular filters, on-line filtration, pervious pavements, exfiltration trenches, tree wells, filter strips, greenroofs, reuse ponds and others.  There are variations of the B&G media to enhance BMPs nutrient removal and filtration efficiencies from runoff prior to discharge or reuse. Studies on nutrient concentrations in soil water have shown that B&G can achieve reductions of 50-80% in nitrate and 70-90% in total dissolved phosphorus.


In wastewater applications, Bold & Gold® can be used as passive on-site treatment with constructed wetlands, Rapid Infiltration Basins (RIBS) and drainfields to significantly reduce the nutrients in wastewater effluents. In a treatment setup, B&G provides an aerobic zone for nitrification and an anaerobic zone for denitrification in series. B&G filter media has proven to remove approximately 80% TN and more than 99% of bacteria from typical Florida household wastewater streams.


Bold & Gold® filter media can be installed as subsurface upflow filter, at the bottom of a swale or ponds, and infiltration basin to mitigate the nutrient impacts to the groundwater from agricultural sites.