About ECS

Environmental Conservation Solutions, LLC (ECS) is focused on Conserving Valuable Water and Land Resources Through Innovative Technology. We focus on treating and conserving water in stormwater, wastewater, and agricultural applications using our patented technologies. Our team includes engineers, office and manufacturing staff who work with our patented technologies to serve municipalities, engineers, contractors and academic clients.

In April of 2015, The University of Central Florida (UCF) exclusively licensed ECS to distribute their patented Bold & Gold (B&G) media throughout the United States. We firmly believe in the research and innovations developed by the professors and students at UCF. We are enthusiastic about the pollutant reduction B&G is achieving in stormwater, wastewater, and agricultural runoff.

ECS patented the Passive Onsite Treatment System (POTS®) drainfield in 2010 to enhance nitrogen and phosphorus removal from onsite wastewater treatment systems. The POTS® drainfield is a truly passive system with no pumps or moving parts. The system utilizes Bold & Gold® in the drainfield to remove pollutant loads. The Bold & Gold® is combined with can be used in conjunction with any drainfield product. We are delighted for the opportunity to help future generations enjoy our environment just like the generations before us have. We look forward to spending some time with you to discuss how our products can help you achieve the goals of your project.